Our Mission

New Day Academy’s mission is to provide an innovative personalized learning program that honors parental choice. We support our students with a wealth of educational resources, a commitment to excellence, and a desire to nurture the unique nature of every child.


We Support Families Schooling Their Children at Home

we operate on the understanding that:

  • Our independent study model is successful when students are supported by their families, and dedicated educational staff.

  • Strong core competency skills are critical to successful lifelong learning.

  • All students have different learning styles, abilities, and background experiences. As important as “what” a student learns is “how” a student learns.

  • Developing an educational plan tailored to meet each student’s learning style, abilities, strengths, and areas of need, which allows them to flourish.

  • Students, with strong support, will become self-motivated, organized lifelong learners who are able to use different sources of information and effectively complete responsibilities.

  • Powerful teacher-student relationships are a motivating factor toward success.

  • Opportunities for distance learning and online education are encouraged and supported to help students be successful in 21st Century Learning.

  • Beyond core courses, providing a variety of elective course options allows students to find their individual path, interests, and life goals.

  • Supported by trained and credentialed educators readied with effective standards-based curriculum, parents provide an excellent education to their children.


  • Teachers partner with parents and students to support, monitor, and encourage academic growth.

  • Assessment tools are used to accurately assess student skill levels ensuring that curriculum and methodologies are appropriate for each student.

  • Students are challenged to grow personally and academically and meet their potential.

  • Experiential learning is included in a student’s education plan and enrichment opportunities are offered.

  • Tutoring and small group instruction is available to provide support to independent learning.

  • Student, parent, teacher communication is supportive and frequent.

As a school community we are dedicated to achieving the following Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLR’s):


  • Are self directed, independent learners, who plan for their educational futures by setting goals and establishing priorities

  • Show proficiency in essential literacy, writing, and mathematical skills

  • Assume responsibility for personal life-long learning

We are dedicated to student choice and allow our students to pick their graduation gown colors!

We are dedicated to student choice and allow our students to pick their graduation gown colors!


  • Are able to read, write, speak, and listen reflectively and critically with a sense of purpose

  • Use technology effectively


  • Are contributing members of society

  • Are able to problem solve effectively making informed and responsible decisions

  • Accept and respect diverse viewpoints, lifestyles, and opinions

  • Are able to function in a global society