Enrolling in enrichment courses with our Vendor Course Instructors (VCI's) is a simple process.

NDA has agreements with Vendor Course Instructors (VCI) to offer enrichment instruction in elective and core subject areas. Each student, with agreement from the assigned Teacher, has the opportunity to take advantage of courses offered by NDA VCI’s.

Process for Enrolling with a Vendor Course Instructor:

  • Parent completes a “Vendor Parent Acknowledgement Form” on Parent Square.

  • Parents review the list of vendors and contact the vendor that they are interested in using for their student.

  • After the vendor is chosen, the parent needs to complete a “Vendor Request Form” which includes a signature from the chosen vendor, the parent, and the NDA teacher.

  • Once the “Vendor Request Form” has been completed, it must be turned in to the NDA teacher.

  • The teacher will send into the NDA Office and parents will receive email notification from the NDA office that the student may begin the vendor course.

  • Students must not begin using a vendor until they have verification from the NDA office that all paperwork has been completed. Fall Semester vendor requests must be turned in by the last day of Learning Period 2, and Spring Semester by the last day of Learning Period 6.


Important Information About the Use of Vendor Courses

  • An appropriate and corresponding course must appear on the student Master Agreement and be part of their individualized learning plan.

  • The amount spent per month can be up to $120 per student per month. It can be a combination of multiple courses. If a student exceeds the $120 per month limit, the parent is responsible for paying the VCI the overage.

  • NDA cannot pay for a missed vendor lesson/session. If a student does not attend a scheduled class, the parent will need to communicate with the vendor and accommodate the vendor’s policy on absences.

  • Students will sign up at the beginning of the semester for the vendor(s) of their choice. Students who cancel a vendor mid-semester will not be allowed to begin a new vendor course until the start of the next semester.

  • Any time a student withdraws from a vendor course prior to the end of the school year; a vendor cancelation form must be completed.

  • If a student has a gym membership, they must attend the gym a minimum of 4 times a month. Failure to meet the minimum attendance requirement will result in immediate cancellation of NDA paying for the membership. Families should check with the gym to find out their membership cancellation policy.

For assistance with Vendor Courses please contact:
Our Vendor Coordinator at Vendors@ndaemail.com or call 233-3861.